THe Founder

Ali A. Keshmiri immigrates to Canada with his wife and three children.  As newcomers they decide to relocate to western Canada in search of better work opportunities and a brighter future.

Dawn of a new era

Ali Keshmiri opens his first shop at the grain exchange building in Calgary, AB.


House of Persian Rugs is incorporated under Keshmiri Holdings Company LTD.  The  shop was relocated and expanded into the downtown core in Calgary, AB.

Nation-wide Exhibitions

House of Persian Rugs begins annual nation-wide tours and exhibitions from coast to coast. Though these annual exhibitions were long and challenging, the company experiences years of accelerated growth and earns the business of rug connoisseurs throughout Canada.

Second Generation Keshmiri

Dr. Abbas Keshmiri, Ali's son, decides to join the company after practicing for more than 20 years as a pharmacist.  Abbas carries the legacy forward as his father reaches the age of retirement. 

Introduction of Modern Rugs

Abbas Keshmiri expands the scope of product offering by commissioning mills in Nepal and India to produce their very first contemporary and modern collection. A new House of Persian Rugs logo and branding was unveiled which lend itself to the new direction the company was taking.

The Half-century mark

On the 50th year anniversary, House of Persian Rugs is rebranded as KESHMIRI to pay homage to its visionary founder, Ali Asghar Keshmiri. The KESHMIRI Collection is dedicated to curating and offering the very best classic Persian rugs the world has to offer.

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